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Design & Engineering

Great parts design and custom engineering service start with a great design and engineering team. Being a unified team that gives our best every day is part of our mission at York Precision. All our team members are instilled with the understanding that when we work together with a shared commitment to excellence, we can produce and deliver high-quality parts on time and according to your specifications. We know that you would expect nothing less from a top-notch custom precision manufacturing and engineering company.

We believe in finding exceptional employees with integrity, initiative and a commitment to excellence. We foster those values in an empowering environment that celebrates teamwork, so you can enjoy the best possible service and superior quality every time you partner with us.

Custom Precision Machining

If you need a run of large, custom-machined parts fast for your business, you want custom CNC machining capabilities from York Precision. The key to fast, quality, cost-effective, machined products is superior technology, and we have a wide array of state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment to make sure we can meet your needs for custom machined parts fast. We’ll deliver as many of your parts as you're looking for, designed and manufactured to your exact specifications, and get them to you on time so you can get your product shipped when it needs to be.

Large Machining Capabilities

Lathe (up to 42” dia. x 20’ long)

4 Axes Milling (up to 96 x165”)

Precision Honing (up to 12’ long x 13” ID)

CAD/CAM Capability

Okuma CNC Machining Centers

Custom Machined to Your Specifications

Build to Print Capabilities

Specializing in Custom Solutions

On Time Delivery Driven

Parts Blasting & Coating

Frustrated trying to find a reliable, military spec. quality blasting solution for your smaller parts and quantities? We were too! Now, YorkPMH offers blasting services. We use the service to produce our own parts to meet customer quality requirements. So we understand that blasting is a multi-step process in which there is a small window of time to execute and do well.

mechanism engineers


Our hydraulic component assembly capabilities are second to none. We have dedicated a considerable portion of our facility to hydraulic component assembly to make sure you get fast and accurate assembly for all your applications.

Level 200 Clean Room (2 Rooms 20’ x 25’)

2- 10 Ton Overhead Cranes that run the full length of the facility

Multiple 2-Ton Jib Cranes at machining & assembly work areas


If you are looking for an efficient way to safely and effectively finish your custom parts, we offer a large downdraft spray coating booth for hydraulic devices to do the trick. This is a fast, professional, cost-effective way to coat virtually any hydraulic device in a way that minimizes risk to employees and the environment.

JDB Down Draft Spray Booth (20’ x 40’)

Epoxy & Epoxy Polyamides


MIL-Spec Carc Paint

All MIL-Spec Coatings for any military applications.

hydraulic testing

Hydraulic & Hydrostatic Testing

We offer both hydraulic and hydrostatic testing capabilities to meet industry standards. Both our hydrostatic testing capabilities and hydraulic testing capabilities are highly effective at testing your pressure levels more safely and accurately.

Hydrostatic Testing Capabilities Available (to 100K PSI)

Hydraulic Testing Capabilities Available (to 12K PSI)

Environmental Testing Hot and Cold Testing (-75 deg F to 375 deg F)

Test Chamber Measures (81” x 72” x 72”)

First Article Testing

York Precision, Quality Service to Meet Your Custom Specifications

York Precision has the capabilities to custom-build to order your hydraulic parts and assemblies. We have succeeded consistently because of our in-depth work and precision that goes into every manufacturing project we take on.

You can find the types of hydraulics we build and repair across a wide range of industries, including the petroleum industry, aerospace, the military and more. Industries like these rely on York Precision because they know about the high quality of our products and capabilities.

Those products include custom-designed actuators with Bear-Locs®, a proprietary technology that is the safest hydraulic locking unit available. This fail-safe has a unique positive locking action that automatically locks when the power is turned off to eliminate the possibility of accidents. Once the Bear-Loc® is in place, it will not move. This unique locking device can engage in any position along the rod’s stroke and will lock whether the power is turned off intentionally or goes off without warning.

Your Bear-Loc can be designed to your project's hydraulic system pressure needs, from 2000 to 5000 psi. It can be mounted to your existing components in various ways, as needed, be it eye, flange, foot, heavy flange, extended tie rod, or trunnion mounting configuration. You will not find a more efficient, stronger or safer hydraulic lock on the market. This is just one example of the superior products and capabilities we at York Precision can provide for your business.

Contact York Precision for Any CNC Machining, Hydraulic Assembly and Related Capabilities Now

At York Precision, we stand ready to manage all your CNC machining, hydraulic assembly and testing and finishing needs. To find out how your business can benefit from our commitment to quality, call us at 717-764-8855 or contact us online today.

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