Failsafe Reliability In Brutal Hydraulic Oil Jacking Rig Conditions

Oil rig safety with punishing wind and seaoil rig birds eye view

Frigid North Sea conditions. Few settings demand as much from a locking hydraulic system. Our Bear-Loc® serves on hydraulic oil jacking rigs. Our most extensive installation was on a mobile rig, operated by GlobalSantaFe (now owned by another company).
Twenty-four Bear-Locs®, each with 610 ton locking capacity, were installed--six on each of the four legs—to assure that the platform remained safely positioned.  It’s mission critical. Human lives and the surrounding environment depend on the failsafe reliability of Bear-Locs®.

bear-loc oil rigPerfect Bear-Loc® service record for decades

At the time it was the biggest mobile jacking rig.  Our last overhaul for this project was completed in 1996. The job requires a perfect service record: In fact, no rig using Bear-Locs® has ever toppled.

One of our engineers remembers this project and an unexpected high seas adventure.
“Safety is a high priority on rigs. I made multiple visits to the installation, overseeing the repair/overhaul. During one safety training, we were placed in a box with a window to simulate a helicopter, and dropped into a large pool, submerged and flipped upside down. We had to demonstrate that we could escape!”

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