Tug Barge Hydraulic Four Million Pounds of Locking Power


Tug barges are the muscles of ocean transport Hauling all manner of freight from port to port. Barges need the most powerful hydraulic locking mechanism available. Meet the Bear-Loc®, capable of up to 4 million pounds of locking power. Our customer was hauling bauxite to make aluminum, from Louisiana to Florida. The barge clamped on…

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Inspection Vehicles Use Bear-Loc® Actuators To Keep Super Bowl Stadiums Safe

inspection vehicle

Super Bowl LIII Inspection Vehicles Use Bear-Loc® Actuators You’ve probably seen them–maybe even been a passenger—as the x-ray toting mechanical arm of an inspection vehicle passes over other vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Inspection vehicles obviously serve areas where security is a critical need. Chances are, the hydraulic actuator that safely lifts and locks the…

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