Rotary Bear-Loc®

9 inch diam B-L for Coupling Corp

In 1985 we sold a rotary Bear-Loc® by York Precision Machining & Hydraulics (then known as York Industries) to a customer for use in equipment called a flying shear.  The purpose of the flying shear was to cut material coming off a roll.  The drive train consists of an electric motor driving the flying shear…

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Missile Launcher Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Rod Lock

We produce hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic actuators with lock combinations for military customers to enhance the stabilization and strength of their launcher platforms. Trailer Mounted Missile Launcher Systems: We currently provide our Bear-Loc hydraulic cylinder and Fail-Safe Lock combinations for the main lift cylinders and stabilizers for a large trailer based missile and munition system…

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Case Study for Manufacturing: Tires (Testing)

tire factory

Imagine that you can provide locking capacity for linear or radial motion instantly—simply by removing hydraulic pressure. Imagine that it’s bi-directional: Once pressurized it can instantly go in either direction. Imagine that you can design a system using a hydraulic locking actuator that can be infinitely positioned along its stroke, operating without manual intervention, and…

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Crushers: A More Efficient Way, with Bear-Loc®

crushing coal at a mine

For the mineral processing and refractory industry, York Precision offers an efficient locking system. Coal, limestone, sandstone, and concrete; just a few examples of what can be processed with an impact crusher. An impact crusher is a machine that breaks down large chunks of material into much smaller pieces by striking them. There are two…

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Infinite Control: Bear-Loc® in Boeing’s Wind Tunnel

helicopter blade tests

A 35-foot Bear-Loc raises then locks into position a helicopter undergoing critical performance tests in the Boeing Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing Wind Tunnel (BVWT), located near Philadelphia. In that facility, aerodynamic vehicles—from aircraft to NASCAR racers–undergo force, pressure, flight control, vibratory, and dynamic tests. These tests are meaningless if the lock cannot stay put. Why…

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Hydraulic Automotive Parts Press

parts press

Producing Quality Parts While Protecting Workers’ Lives Our customers in the automotive industry depend on the Bear-Loc’s® reliability. The parts in the vehicles we all drive are made by stamping or forming presses, and also by injection molding machine presses. In order for a part to be good, the mold needs to be held in…

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Crash Test Wall Hydraulic System In Action

crash test

Bear-Locs® on U.S. Automaker’s Crash Test Wall Helps Save Lives  It’s a scene nobody ever wants to see: a fully loaded 80,000-pound tractor trailer hurtling straight at you and your vehicle. With its crash test wall, this leading U.S. Automaker recreates the scene using crash dummies. Their rigorous vehicle testing saves countless lives. Of course,…

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Hydraulic Shock Tube For Architectural Testing

big shocktube

Safe, Effective Simulation Testing for Blast Resistance It’s called a Shock Tube, short for Shock Tube Blast Load Simulator. Its rocket-like shape resembles something you might see at NASA. Designed by Architectural Testing, now Intertek, the Shock Tube allows building product manufacturers from around the country find out whether their products can withstand the shock…

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Failsafe Reliability In Brutal Hydraulic Oil Jacking Rig Conditions

Oil rig safety with punishing wind and sea Frigid North Sea conditions. Few settings demand as much from a locking hydraulic system. Our Bear-Loc® serves on hydraulic oil jacking rigs. Our most extensive installation was on a mobile rig, operated by GlobalSantaFe (now owned by another company). Twenty-four Bear-Locs®, each with 610 ton locking capacity,…

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Tug Barge Hydraulic Four Million Pounds of Locking Power

tug boat

Tug barges are the muscles of ocean transport Hauling all manner of freight from port to port. Barges need the most powerful hydraulic locking mechanism available. Meet the Bear-Loc®, capable of up to 4 million pounds of locking power. Our customer was hauling bauxite to make aluminum, from Louisiana to Florida. The barge clamped on…

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