Hydraulic actuators and related equipment are a staple of a wide range of industries. You can find hydraulics in aerospace, defense, manufacturing, the petroleum industry and many others. If you use hydraulics in your business, you can definitely benefit from hydraulic locking systems. In fact, any industry that uses hydraulics can benefit from hydraulic locking systems, as they can make your entire operation safer and more efficient. Some of the various industries that use hydraulic systems and the applications where hydraulic locking systems can greatly benefit them include the following:

Hydro control
Hydro-Control & Electric Generation
automotive parts press
Industrial Presses
parts press
Automotive Parts Press
mechanism engineers
Manufacturing & Testing Equipment
big shocktube
Shock Tubes
rocket launch
Space Rocket Launch
portal cranes
military crane in iraq
Military Cranes
blue boom lift perspective indoor
Aerial Lifts
lift bridge
Civil Engineering & Construction Projects
construction site and bulldozzer
Construction and Architecture
crushing coal at a mine
Coal Crushing
mining excavation
Mining Excavation
military, defense & aerospace
Defense, Security & Aerospace
Hydraulic Rod Lock
Missile Launchers
military crane
Military Equipment
air craft carrier launch system
Aerospace & Aviation
window tunnel
Wind Tunnel
inspection vehicle
Inspection Vehicles
crash test
tug barge
Maritime Ship Components
tug boat
Tug Barges
crash test dummy
Automotive Crash Testing
oil rig
Natural Resources Extraction & Processing
trash truck
Waste Management Trucks

Bear-Loc® Hydraulic Positive Safety Locks Have the York Precision Difference

If your industry applications that use hydraulics do not have positive safety locks in place, you need to get them as soon as possible for the protection of your employees. The hydraulic press safety locks for sale from York Precision Machining & Hydraulics are the only ones you'll ever need for several reasons.

As anyone who has received a York Precision product knows, every hydraulic actuator and positive safety locking system we sell reflects a level of hard work and precision that you won’t see in every manufacturer. It’s a culture we instill in our employees every day because we know you rely on our products. We're an ISO 9001:2015-certified company with an unquestioned commitment to always seeking perfection in the products we manufacture and sell.

Just as important for those seeking hydraulic systems for aerospace, defense, oil & gas or any other industry where safety is a priority, York Precision is the only company that offers the Bear-Loc® system. The Bear-Loc® system is a proprietary safe positive locking system that you can easily position anywhere along the stroke of the actuator rod. It's unique in that it's designed to instantly lock into place the moment the hydraulic pressure is lost.

If there's an unexpected hydraulic pressure loss, the system will lock instantly, protecting your workers and equipment from an accident. As soon as hydraulic pressure is applied, you'll be free to move the Bear-Loc® wherever you need it to go. We can sell you a hydraulic actuator with Bear-Loc® already installed or provide the Bear-Loc® separately, as it easily attaches to existing products via eye or flange mount. Heavy flange, trunnion, foot, and extended tie rod mounting configurations are also available.

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Contact York Precision for Your Bear-Loc® Hydraulic Locking System Now

Your hydraulics and the safety of your hydraulic systems are too important to be left to chance. At York Precision, we have a reliable, affordable solution that we can provide you with right now. Don’t wait. Call us at 717-764-8855 or contact us online for a free quote on hydraulic actuators, locking systems, or other custom machined hydraulic parts and assemblies.

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