Construction Equipment

At York Precision Machining and Hydraulics, we custom manufacture components for hydraulic systems in construction and other industries that use hydraulic machinery. We specialize in actuators, piston accumulators and our failsafe Bear-Loc® positive locking system.

Keeping Construction Workers Safe

construction workers

Our hydraulic components keep construction workers safe through quality design. When hydraulic equipment functions below optimal performance, it can leave operators at an increased risk for machinery-related accidents. For example, equipment such as a crane or excavator can drop a load if the hydraulics fail. Meanwhile, machines such as aerial lifts often carry people, making it especially dangerous for the hydraulics to stop working. We build long-lasting custom components as well as locking systems that reduce the risk of hydraulics-related accidents and offer protection for greater construction safety. Our Bear-Loc® design is a premier hydraulic safety feature offered to the construction and architectural machinery industry to ensure system safety.

Construction Equipment Markets

We build components for construction equipment hydraulic systems such as:

Aerial Lifts

The top causes of injury on aerial lifts often involve tip-overs, ejections, and caught-between accidents. With reliable hydraulic systems in aerial lifts, you can reduce the user's risk of these incidents happening. In addition to replacing your actuator or accumulator, you can install a Bear-Loc® locking system that takes effect during a loss of hydraulic pressure. Sudden loss of hydraulic pressure can create unintended platform motion and cause a loss of boom control and stability, resulting in tip-overs, ejections, and caught-between accidents. Bear-Loc® prevents unintended platform motion due to hydraulic or power failure.


Since the construction industry uses hydraulic cranes in operations involving massive loads, you need top-quality hydraulic systems in cranes to experience the best construction equipment safety outcomes. Our dependable locking mechanisms, actuators, and accumulators can help you reduce the risk of damage to workers, loads, and surroundings. Hydraulic system failure or power loss can create sudden, unintended crane boom motion and cause loss of load control or stability, resulting in tip-overs, failure of crane equipment, fatalities, injury or property damage. Bear-Loc® prevents unintended boom motion due to hydraulic or power failure. We help manufacturers meet stringent design requirements to ensure worksite safety. Bear-Loc® is an efficient, one-lock solution you can depend on.



Hydraulic systems give excavators the versatility they're known for. By installing custom-built components from York Precision Machining and Hydraulics, you can improve the effectiveness of this already invaluable machine. A Bear-Loc® locking system can enhance architectural safety during excavator operation by locking instantly when hydraulic pressure is removed, whether intentionally or accidentally. Bear-Loc® holds up to the rigors of excavator operational use and variations of load dynamics that other construction equipment is not subjected to.

Hydraulic Rod Lock Safety Solutions

When you need a dependable locking system for your hydraulic system, count on our Bear-Loc®. It offers these safety features for hydraulic construction equipment:

  • Positive locking action: The positive locking action behind the Bear-Loc® makes it like no other locking system on the market. When hydraulic pressure is removed, the Bear-Loc® locks in place to prevent accidents.
  • Durability: When used according to specifications, the Bear-Loc® can last for decades, making it a highly durable locking system.
  • Custom and flexible solutions: We custom-build every Bear-Loc® to meet your equipment specifications. You can order the Bear-Loc® as a standalone part to add to your actuator or as part of a custom-designed actuator.

Case Study: Shock Tube

As seen in the case of our work with Intertek, our hydraulic components offer the security and durability needed for intensive applications. Intertek's Shock Tube allows construction product manufacturers to test blast resistance by simulating a blast. This machine uses our Bear-Loc® to hold its piston in position while it creates blast-level pressure. Over 10 years after the installation of the Shock Tube's Bear-Loc®, it still holds up to the machine's demands without issues.

Other Case Studies

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Last Updated: May 13th, 2020