Demand for Safe, Fast, Accurate Inspection Vehicles

inspection vehicle


From the Super Bowl, to the nation’s borders, inspection vehicles are in demand.

You’ve probably seen them--maybe even been a passenger—as the x-ray toting mechanical arm of an inspection vehicle passes over other vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Inspection vehicles obviously serve areas where security is a critical need.
Chances are the hydraulic actuator that safely lifts and locks the inspecting arm is a York Precision product.

In preparation for 2019 Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Customs and Border
Protection (CBP) a part of Homeland Security, will be actively scanning all
vehicles entering the stadium. We are proud to partner with our clients, helping to assure public safety. The Bear-Loc assures that the inspection arm will not move, protecting both persons and vehicles, and allowing the inspection vehicle to successfully complete its mission.

To see how mobile inspection systems work and the Bear-Loc in action in
several scan modes (moving, stationary and full) view a video here. To see a video clip for the upcoming 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta, click here.

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