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Hydro Industry's Best-In-Class Hydraulic Load Holding/Locking Solution

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If you're looking for a safe, reliable locking feature for your hydraulic components, look no further than Bear-Loc®. These innovative locking devices have earned the trust of companies around the world because of their innovative design, ease of use and — most of all — their failsafe performance. Bear-Loc® locks instantly when hydraulic pressure is removed, whether on purpose or accidentally. Bear-Loc® also features high system stiffness, zero backlash and infinite position locking. Bear-Loc® is the ideal solution whenever you need safety and performance.

We customize our patented Bear-Loc® to meet your locking needs from small to very large. BEAR-LOC® has a unique patented design based on the principle of elastic expansion of metal under pressure.

No other locking device combines

☑ fail-safe reliability

☑ infinite position locking

☑ zero backlash

☑ high system stiffness

☑ Easy to use

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